Ghost Goal is the Football Writers Champion

by Olly on July 2, 2012












The Euros are over and after three weeks and 31 matches, Adam Bate from Ghost Goal was our top football writer beating some of the country’s finest football bloggers and journalists, as well as Barry Glendenning.

He didn’t top the table, that honour went to Picklive player pewty who scored 139 points, but Ghost Goal’s 129 was enough to see off the competition from The False 9, European Football Weekends and Zonal Marking, who made a surge up the table during the second half of the tournament.

An honourable mention also go to the boys from UKNFL who finished 7th proving that gridiron isn’t their only area of knowledge. Hopefully we’ll be able to prove likewise in their fantasy NFL leagues when the season kicks off in September.

Despite providing the data for the game Opta Joe could only finish in mid table and everyone’s favourite drunks from last years NOPAs, Born Offside did even worse, finishing with 56.

Friends of Picklive Gary Andrews and Chris Wathan, football reporter at The Western Mail, keenly contested the wooden spoon. In the end it was Chris that came bottom with a stunningly low 23, including six players with negative points. Not an unfamiliar position for someone associated with Welsh football…

Cheers to all those that took part and you can see the final table here.

Tight at the top of the Office League

by Olly on June 21, 2012

We’re through the group stages and the race to become an office legend is hotting up. There’s £1000 worth of treats going to be won for their colleagues by one Pickliver and with just seven games to go of Euro 2012 only 10 points separate the top five.

  • Sully’s (Sully’s Office League) 74
  • BBH (Beware Ze Germans) 69
  • Ollie T’s Work League (Cunning Stunt) 66
  • University of East London – Sports Journalism (TEAM MIKE) 64
  • OPTA (cookie allstars) 64

With another five offices within 5 points of the leaders as well it’s certainly no forgone conclusion where the prize will be heading.

But the lead is Sully’s to throw away and they will be hoping that Mario Gomez continues to do the business in the knockouts and that the treats are headed to Bristol.

Photo by PolandMFA

Ghost Goal leads the way in the Football Writers League

by Olly on June 20, 2012








The group stages are over and half the Euro 2012 teams are now on their summer holidays. But what have the last round of group games done to our Football Writers League?

There’s a new leader and it’s NOPA’s nominee Ghost Goal who now holds a 5 point lead. His tactic of picking Spanish defenders is paying off as is the choice to go with Mario Gomez up top.

The 72 and The False 9 are also well placed to make a charge once the knockouts begin and they will both be hoping that Cristiano Ronaldo can build on his 11 points from the last game.

There are also some interesting little side contests going on. European Football Weekends and Barry Glendenning have got their own £10 side bet and it’s EFW that leads the way with a score of 62. In mid table we also have the battle of the tactical masterminds with Jonathan Wilson leading Zonal Marking by just three points.

With just 7 games left this is going to the wire.

Football writers trail one of Picklive’s own!

by Olly on June 14, 2012

There’s a familiar name atop the Picklive Football Writers League. No it’s not Barry Glendenning, Jonathan Wilson or The Football Project. Sitting top with 45 points it is in fact me, Picklive’s own Olly Frank.

Now I’m not going to bang on about this or get big headed but I would like to thank everyone’s favourite Dane for bagging 11 points for me yesterday.

But what is happening amongst some of our esteemed football writers? At the half way point in the group stage the leader has already opened a 16 point gap from the nearest two, Neil Bellis (The Blue & White) and Andy Rose (Daily Star).

The race is on to catch our runaway leader but one writer that has a bit of work to do is football brain Zonal Marking. Currently sitting on 5 points he is even being beaten by NFL bloggers from UKNFL.  And a hat tip also goes to Twisted Blood for racking up a spectacular -12 so far, impressive.

If you fancy seeing how everyone is getting on you can do so here and we’ll bring you more next week when hopefully I’ll still be sitting pretty at the top!

Who’s on course to become an office hero after Matchday 1?

by Olly on June 13, 2012

The Euros have started and offices up and down the land are surprisingly quiet. Productivity is down and sick days are up. Well that’s because everyone is nervously awaiting the scores of our Office Challenge after Matchday 1.

Here’s how the top 6 looks:

  • University of East London – Sports Journalism (TEAM MIKE) 26
  • OPTA (cookie allstars) 22
  • BBH (Beware Ze Germans) 21
  • Piper Jaffray (Piper Jaffray – Office League) 21
  • Techhub (Duck and Cover) 21
  • Mint Digital (Super Trevs) 21

If you don’t see your office league on the leaderboard then you have a bit of work to do before we publish the next leaderboard after Matchday 2.

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