Picklive Tracksuit Week: Your second chance to become instantly fashionable

by Picklive on February 23, 2011

As you may be aware, this week is Picklive’s first ever ‘Tracksuit Week‘. Not only did we kick it off in style by introducing the world to the game of Tracksuit Chicken, we’re also giving people the opportunity to win their very own Picklive Tracksuit (as seen above). For those who are unfamiliar with the Picklive Tracksuit, it was referenced on page 34 of the January 2011 edition of Vogue as being one of the “must have items for this year, mixing the two ‘colours of the season’ in electric blue and black (…) hand-cut from the very finest Polyester”.

Last night during the Copenhagen v Chelsea match we were offering a tracksuit to the player who managed the highest Top 3s score of the game. It was a close run thing, with several big scores posted, but as the game came to a close with three short sharp bursts of the whistle, it was clear there was only one winner. Step forward Andy Bell, manager of SuperTrevs. Congratulations, you’ll be receiving your tracksuit shortly!

Tonight we play along to Marseille v Manchester United, and once again we’re giving you the chance to win a trackie. To pick up your slice of Picklive Polyester, you’ll need to have the highest cumulative score in the Live Game this evening. Your best bet of racking up a formidable points haul tonight will be to play plenty of times, but don’t fear as it’s £1 game rooms for the whole match. Easy on the pocket. And if fortune is on your side this evening, very soon you’ll be looking easy on the eye.

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